Spock Playing Harmonica

I love the harmonica and if I can find a way to combine it with Science Fiction, so much the better.

Most people don’t know that According to AI,  there are some episodes with Spock playing harmonica:

One of my FAVORITE EPISODES is “The Trouble with Tribbles” (1967), where he plays to calm down a group of furrySpock playing harmonica - Matthew Shelton blog fuzz-ball creatures that have invaded the Enterprise to the extent they are filling all the air ducts.

Another example is in the movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” (1986), where Spock plays the harmonica to communicate with an alien probe.

So this meme is just having fun with Spock – he also changed his hairstyle a few times, like his hair long and straight, in “The Search for Spock” (1966) and “The Enterprise Incident” (1967).

In other episodes, he has worn his hair short and straight across the forehead, such as in “Amok Time” (1968) and “The Menagerie” (1971).

So this hairstyle is the ridiculous style Matthew Shelton would give him if I were a hairstylist.
Don’t EVER hire me for that 😉