Matthew Shelton

Matthew Shelton is a songwriter, musician, playwright, producer and serial entrepreneur.
A long time resident of Atlanta Georgia,Matthew is blessed to be married to his wife Maureen for over 30 years. Their daughter Abigail Shelton, graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, is a music composer and violin/piano instructor living in Los Angeles.

Matthew is the creator and publisher of the play-by-colors system for harmonica, Harmonica SuperStart, which includes a patented device allowing the user to see what they are playing on the harmonica (rather than it being hidden under their nose) so they can easily play their first harmonica songs using the Harmonica SuperStart color coded system.

Matthew, as an Artist-in-Residence with Georgia Council for the Arts, for several years traveled throughout the Georgia teaching Harmonica SuperStart in many different school systems, at times teaching entire student bodies and gyms full of students.

He is the playwright for the Musical “Food for the Moon” which was produced and performed at Atlantas’ Seven Stages theater and was directed by now Tony award winner Kenny Leon.

As a veteran solo performer, Matthew simultaneously sings and plays guitar, didgeridoo, harmonica and cajon drum. Other instruments he plays are Irish tin whistle, Native American flute, keyboard and acoustic bass, and is a student of Tuvan throat singing and overtone singing.

As a songwriter, Matthew Shelton writes songs in several genres including top-lining over beats, and writes songs on commission for churches and special events.

Author of fiction and nonfiction Matthew Shelton books on Amazon (including a book of poetry he claims was written by his cats) Matthew also is an audiobook producer on, doing voiceovers in several character voices.

For hobbies, Matthew enjoys fishing, hiking, reading Kindle books, weight training, baking apple pies, growing wildflowers,Tai Chi, EFT and reflexology, studying how to be a better earthling, making crazy sock puppets and teaching cats to do tricks, but no longer jumps out of airplanes.

Matthew Shelton


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