Apple Pie Project

Apple Pie Project a tasty service project Matthew Shelton

Apple Pie Project

A tasty holiday season service project for these times when people need comfort so much – home made apple pies! Give them and share them!

The song about it is called “Beneath the Crust” – you can stream it while you read below if you’d like, and here’s a link Beneath the Crust to a page with the lyrics.

So the idea is to get pies to your neighbors and also to people you know are in need, whether it is just someone who needs to feel more connected,
or someone in a facility of some kind.

Apple Pie Project apples ready for peeling Matthew Shelton

apples ready for peeling

There’s just something comforting about apple pies, especially if they are homemade.

There are two recipes below, one for the pie filling and the other one for the pie crust.

The pie filling has no sugar added.

There are lots of recipes that say no sugar added but include apple pie concentrate juice – which is a way of adding sugar.

But this recipe and these pies don’t have added sugar – so don’t be surprised if it’s not as sweet as what you’re used to getting from the bakery.

There is cornstarch in the recipe but it is only 1/4 of a cup for 8 cups of apples, so it is not much at all. Cornstarch is basically a refined carb.

Here’s the entire ingredients list, for both recipes:

  • Apples
    All-purpose flour
    Salt (I use pink Himalayan salt, but you don’t have to)
    Ice water

That’s it!

If you look at the ingredients list for your typical pie that you buy from the grocery store, the list is very long, with things that you really could do without. Same with if you buy pre-made crust.

A lot of them are preservatives, and in that regard these pies of course are best eaten sooner than later, but will last 4 days or so in the refrigerator. (Ha! Who has that kind of will power! 😉)

Here’s the link to the basic instructions for the pie filling

And for the pie crust

And for the song with lyrics: Beneath the Crust

This website is bare-bones at the moment, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments – thank you so much!