Matthew Shelton

Hey Matthew Shelton here, thanks for visiting.  As an author and musician I’ll be featuring various “Matthew Shelton” productions on a regular basis, including ebooks, audiobooks, cd-style recordings for download and heaps more fun stuff so why don’t you sign up so you can be first to know when something comes out – and a lot of times when first released, the stuff is free!

“Make learning fun” is my teaching style and my writing style, so you’ll see that if you are reading one of my nonfiction books, and you may even find some fun learning in my fiction too!
“Besides being a writer, Matthew is a musician with a broad experience in creating music that creates the mood for many different types of productions, from puppet shows to theatrical productions. Here’s a link to the audiobook Billy Goats Gruff Rough Stuff! which demonstrates a lot of these fun (and even inspiring!) abilities and characteristics”:
“I don’t separate music with imagination in all its’ other forms, such as writing and telling stories” says Matthew, “They are all part of the same flow and complement each other. I don’t just write stories, I hear them.”
This combination of writing and musical imagination makes Matthews’ stories great not just to read, but to read out loud just as dramatically as you’d like to.  Come back and visit often for more or even better sign up for the Matthew Shelton updates list so you’ll get in on all the goodies – thanks!