Song Demos

If the occasion is important, it should have a song!

Writing songs for people is something I was born to do. I love it, it comes naturally to me. Love songs, birthday songs, event songs, memorials, funny, crazy, kids songs, stuff for productions, songs for companies, churches, even for pets.

I’d love to put my heart into your song too.

Below are a few examples of some of my songs and productions

Crazy You Crazy Me – song for a wedding proposal or a wedding
– has a long instrumental suitable for a dance

Pick Up Your Torch – a Memorial song in loving memory of Gabriela Muresan

Beneath the Crust – song written for the Apple Pie Project

I’m A Pirate – kids song for Pirate Parties – arr!
A little bit of simulation of kids joining in at the end

TOPLINING – “Toplining” is writing lyrics and melodies that go on top of other peoples’ productions, usually known as “beats”.  Here’s bits of a couple of my toplining projects:

Magic Kiss – romantic twist on the old fairytale

Come On Getcha Some – Country flavor motivational song

– this is a sample snippets video of my songs and character voiceovers

Porch Pirates Steal Xmas – this is one of the kids songs I wrote for the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh

E Matthew Shelton Christmas Guitar Harmonica – Christmas Guitar/Harmonica instrumentals distributed by Distrokid:

Thank you for listening and watching
– there’s a lot more where this came from – will be adding more soon!