Matthew Shelton Music
Matthew Shelton Assisted Living Performing: I perform on a regular basis for Assisted Living facilities. Assisted Living facilities are wonderful for getting to see the results of a passionate and inspired performance because assisted living residents truly appreciate any sort of brightening of their lives. This is even more so if it happens to be primarily performing music that they really love and remember.

I have many times been performing for an assisted living facility and have as part of the performance gotten close to various residents and really concentrated upon them, letting them know that I see them and that I'm here for them, that they are important to me and matter to me.
Matthew Shelton Assisted Living Performing
Combine that with the appreciation for the song itself and it is really truly wonderful to see assisted living residents eyes light up with joy, happiness and appreciation, even if responding with their eyes is the only response that they really can give.
It actually is more meaningful if that is the level of their functionality - that they are putting that much effort into responding to the music that I'm giving them and in creating a moment between us that hopefully will continue on and brighten their day and perhaps their outlook for who knows how much further in the future.