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Hi, this is an open invitation to the Choir and performers,musicians and Youth of Holy Cross to have fun with me on some songs in the coffee house coming up the evening of October 5th.

Below are 4 of my original songs and lyrics so you can follow along ( the recording aren’t the greatest but having the lyrics will help)

“Nougat” is my stage name and I have a special voice that goes with it - it’s obvious on 3 of the songs.

The fourth song, Raise Your Glasses High, is a dedication-type song (not in the “Nougat” style) that is for dedications to places and causes and those you love, and there’s a few examples thrown in to the demo song - it would be great to get the audience singing this one with us.

So imagine adding harmonies on the choruses, adding percussion and bass and other instruments, doing skit kind of things - ideas for this at the bottom of the page :-)

We would need to have one rehearsal before the performance and would need to get together and or develop some props for anyone who’s interested - looking forward to seeing what we can do!

Feel free to contact me:

Matthew Shelton
404 -805-1894
matthew @
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